A downloadable game for Windows

Game developed for the 49 LudumDare GameJam 2021 (Theme:"Unstable").


  1. Beda (Developer)
  2. Priscila (Developer)
  3. Eduarda (2D illustration, design UX e UI)
  4. Larissa (2D animation )
  5. Natália (Ost)

Unstable Christmas is a top down isometric puzzle game,


Near the Christmas Day a bad cookie invades the Santa Claus gift factory and has stolen some presents, as a good elf, your mission is to retrieve all the stolen presents from this bad guy, you run into this guy but when you are almost catching him , he show to you a bomb and throw it into the nearest mountain, when he did it, it cause an avalanche and block your way and your vision of the bombs and gifts that were on your way!

be carful! The ice path has many hiden bombs, memorize where are the presents, get them and don’t step into the unstable ice.

How to play?

  • Use the arrow keys to walk through the ice
  • Be Careful with the bombs, if you step into a ice that has it will be game over
  • To pass the level find a way to get the hidden gift

This game is a mix of a minefield and memory game :)


This game have bugs that we need to fix:

  • fix the ice breaking effect/animation before the game over and after the player step into a ice that has a bomb.
  • fix the gift appearing and collision condition to the player win the game
  • fix the game over screen size
  • fix the player sprites at game over screen
  • The score screen is uncompleted, so we just add an static image when we run out of time in the final of the jam.

Obs: the first level that we did, was suppose to be an simple tutorial, than more levels would appear in the next screens, but we couldn’t do it in time.

Thanks for you attention and have a good play time :)


UnstableChristmas.rar 21 MB

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